Fireside Chat Series

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View the recording from our Fireside Chat with Jeff Gelinas, President of Recognition and Engagement for Engage2Excel, below:

Interested in hearing more content from our Fireside Chat series, Marketing During a Downturn? Check out the additional recordings from the series below:


  • Mike Carden, co-founder of Joyous. We talk about startup marketing in a downturn. Check out the recording here.

  • Donald Thompson, CEO and co-founder of The Diversity Movement. We talk about the importance of DEI in both EX and CX. Check out the recording here.

  • Jeff Gelinas, President, Recognition & Engagement at Engage2Excel. Recording above!

  • Charles Bedard; Corporate Development advisor to Tech-Enabled B2B. Check out the recording here.

  • Julie Norquist Roy, CMO, and independent board member. We talk about lessons learned from her time leading marketing at hyper-growth startups and what you need to know about board dynamics today. Check out the recording here.

  • Cameron Magee, owner of avad3 Event Production. We talk about your event strategy in 2023 and how you can make your event budget stretch. Check out the recording here.

  • Don MacPherson, host of the 12 Geniuses podcast. We talk about the rise of influencer marketing and lessons he’s learned as a 5x entrepreneur. Check out the recording here.

  • Rob Catalano, co-founder and Chief Engagement Officer for WorkTango. We talk about where he sees opportunities in sales, marketing, brand, product, and customer success — in 2023. Check out the recording here.

  • Julie Knight-Ludvigson, CMO of Unit4. We talk about lessons learned from her career in Work Tech and where opportunities exist for marketing leaders. Check out the recording here.

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