Couches and Trash Cans: Rethink Your Trade Show Strategy


 HCM marketing has messed up something that should really be a lot of fun: trade shows. Sorry, trade show fans.

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Don’t get us wrong — trade shows are very important. In fact, trade shows are a big part of the reason why The Starr Conspiracy has such brand recognition in the HCM space. (And part of why we host InfluenceHR.)

Unfortunately, most exhibitors treat trade shows with an upside-down buyer’s journey funnel in mind. That’s fine if you’re a big player in the HCM space and already have brand awareness, but if that isn’t the case, your focus should be on brand awareness.

Read The Starr Conspiracy’s latest white paper offering to learn:

  • Why leads shouldn’t be your only metric for trade show success, and what to consider instead  
  • How vendors can align with the buyer’s journey for maximum impact
  • How to create an authentic booth experience for greater brand awareness