Fireside Chat Series

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Current Schedule:

  • Mike Carden, co-founder of Joyous; Dec 1. We’ll talk about startup marketing in a downturn. View the recording here.
  • Donald Thompson, CEO and co-founder of The Diversity Movement; Dec 6. We’ll talk about the importance of DEI in both EX and CX. View the recording here.
  • Jeff Gelinas, President, Recognition & Engagement at Engage2Excel; Dec 13. We will discuss marketing during a downturn through customer experience. View the recording here.
  • Charles Bedard, Corporate Development advisor to Tech-Enabled B2B; Dec 14. We will talk about sales and marketing in an economic slowdown for private and emerging market leaders. View the recording here.
  • Julie Norquist Roy, CMO, and independent board member; Dec 15. We’ll talk about lessons learned from her time leading marketing at hyper-growth startups and what you need to know about board dynamics today. View the recording here.
  • Cameron Magee, owner of avad3 Event Production; Dec 15. We’ll talk about your event strategy in 2023 and how you can make your event budget stretch. View the recording here.
  • Don MacPherson, host of the 12 Geniuses podcast; Dec 20. We’ll talk about the rise of influencer marketing and lessons he’s learned as a 5x entrepreneur. View the recording here.
  • Rob Catalano, co-founder and Chief Engagement Officer for WorkTango; Dec 20. We’ll talk about where he sees opportunities in sales, marketing, brand, product, and customer success — in 2023. View the recording here.
  • Julie Knight-Ludvigson, CMO of Unit4; Dec 21. We’ll talk about lessons learned from her career in Work Tech and where opportunities exist for marketing leaders. View the recording here.
  • Dr. Patti Fletcher, CMO of Limeade; Jan 21. We’ll talk about marketing during uncertain times and how Patti is approaching 2023. View the recording here.

Nothing exposes opportunities for improvement like a good, old-fashioned downturn. Unfortunately, a downturn doesn’t stop marketing teams from needing to drive tangible results. Wouldn’t it be great if you could know what everyone else was doing and thinking as you pull together plans for 2023 and decide how much to spend and where to spend it?

We thought so too.

Over the next several weeks, we will chat with true legends of Work Tech to gain insight into how they are winning the downturn this time (and every time before).

We’ll cover topics in brandmarketingsalesproduct, and customer success — The Starr Conspiracy's five subdomains of customer experience.

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