The Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit 2015 HCM Vendor Brandscape Report™

The Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit’s 2015 HCM Vendor Brandscape Report™ is here. It’s the first in an ongoing series of what will become annual reports covering all of the hottest segments in HR technology with TSCIU’s unique perspective on these categories.

In this report, HR technology users, vendors, and investors will get key takeaways to help them achieve their goals with HR technology.

This report sheds light on many key areas for anyone interested in HCM technology. Here are a few:

  • The true size of the market
  • What market and technology trends are impacting the future of HCM, HR, and the global workforce
  • Which vendors are leading today and their potential for the future
  • What the future of the HCM technology market looks like

This is no retrospective on who was the best in 2014. It’s a look at who the leading brands are in 2015 and what the brandscape will look like in 2016.

Enjoy the report, delivered in our innovative Lightpaper™ format where you can engage with the content and inform some of our research.

To learn more about our research and how it might help you in your efforts, schedule some time with one of our TSCIU analysts by emailing us here.

Brandscape Close-Up

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