We will spare you all the talk about “The New Normal.” This may be the way we’re working right now, but the way we work is changing forever.
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Nothing Is Normal

We'll spare you all the talk about “The New Normal.” The way we work and live is changing forever. You know this is true when you look at your colleagues, your families, and yourselves. There’s absolutely nothing normal about these times.

Like it or not, employers play a central role in the physical, mental, and financial wellness of their employees. The response to this new reality will have the most significant impact on employer brand — both positively and negatively — in the next few years.

In the 2021 Workplace Well-being Brandscape™:

  • Category breakdowns: What does the evolution of wellness to well-being mean for brands? 
  • Brandscape Power and Velocity lists: The Workplace Well-being brands that are making big moves. 
  • Startups to Watch: Up-and-coming brands blazing new trails in the well-being category.
  • Key trends for 2021: How will Workplace Well-being brands deal with the long tail of 2020?
  • Marketplace dynamics: Everything you need to know in order to thrive in today’s market.
  • Recommendations for the road ahead: We offer six concrete suggestions to help manage the impact of 2020’s long, strange trip.
Where are the biggest opportunities to have an impact on workplace well-being and the employee experience? In the spirit of hope and optimism, we hope that employers will seize on this opportunity to create better, stronger, and more valuable employee support systems and programs.

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