Webinar: Does your company have a Reverse Mullet?


Traditional mullets are out. The Reverse Mullet is in.

There’s something seriously broken with work today. The workforce has shared what makes them dissatisfied with work for years. The biggest difference today? Employees are acting on it.

So what’s the world of work to do? Enter the Reverse Mullet. Gone is the business in the front, party in the back mentality. There is a better way. Spoiler alert: It starts with putting your people first.

Listen to Laurie Ruettimann, writer, podcaster, and entrepreneur, and Lance Haun, VP of market insights at The Starr Conspiracy, discuss the ins and outs of what’s broken with work today and why the Reverse Mullet mentality can fix the foundational cracks of what’s breaking down.

The future of work is here. Jump on in.


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